Sell-Side Solutions

Sell inventory programmatically using Innity tech


SSP Connectivity

Digital ad buying is steadily moving towards an all programmatic environment. Buyers’ favour the convenience and efficiencies that programmatic has to offer.

Do not be left behind in the programmatic race!

Choosing an SSP, executing the integrations and managing the operations can be time and resource consuming - let Innity handle these for you- while you focus on producing great content and growing your audience!

Single Tag Implementation
  • PMP

    PMP is short for Private Marketplace. While a lot of the programmatic growth has been on the open exchange – PMPs are really coming in to their own now. The quality of inventory, concerns over fraud, brand safety and viewability are all factors that are driving the growth of PMPs.

    • Simply put, PMP is a programmatic transaction – in which the buyer and the seller- have a pre-determined relationship – which offers the opportunity to negotiate price, inventory and other aspects such as audience data, viewability benchmarks etc.

  • Matching Buyers To Sellers
  • PMP Dashboard
  • PMD

    PMD or Programmatic Direct is an extension of a PMP – with the inclusion of a self-serve dashboard.

    In some scenarios, a SSP to DSP transaction may not be able to support the relationship the seller and the buyer want to execute. For example, guaranteed fills, non-CPM pricing, high-impact formats etc. In such cases, it becomes necessary to have a direct platform which the buyers can use to buy. Our PMD solution helps execute the direct dashboard with ease and speed. It can be white-labeled too!

Header Bidding Plugin

Our Header Bidding Plugin (also known as a Header Bidding Wrapper) is on par with the best in-class providers. It helps increase yield by allowing external (RTB) demand to compete with internal demand (those that are directly integrated with the ad-server).

  • Access

    Access to multiple demand sources

  • Set up

    Easy to integrate and set up

  • Mediate

    Handles mediation effectively

  • Customize

    Customization and Integration support