Choose us to manage your programmatic campaigns


Our Approach

Our approach to programmatic buying is cross-funnel and data-driven. We believe that it is important to activate customers across all stages of the funnel. In this pursuit, we always run prospecting and retargeting in parallel. We utilize audience data strategies for both ( 2nd/3rd party for the former and 1st party for the latter).

The Big Idea
  • Buy Side Tech

    We bring to the table, the best in class buy-side technologies. We have three DSP seats – The Trade Desk, DoubleClick Bid Manager and AppNexus. Through these we also access other 3rd party solutions such as Factual (for geo-location targeting), Drawbridge (for cross-device targeting) etc.

  • DSPs and 3rd Parties

Proprietary Tech

We also bring to the table, our own tech, for data management, creative executions and ad serving. A combination of these technologies will help us deliver and optimize towards superior campaign performance.

  • Advenue DMP

    Our data management platform.

  • Creative Platform

    For Dynamic Creatives and Social Creatives.

  • Ad-server

    For serving high-impact ads such as Interstitial, Lightbox etc.

Trading Prowess

Our team of experience traders, will leave no stone unturned in the interest of the campaign performance. We will use a mix of audience, contextual and location data to reach the right audience. We will leverage on various types of targeting to optimize delivery and maximize performance.


No hidden margins and arbitrage. We commit to working in a fully-transparent model with pre-disclosed fees. Our commitment would be to deliver the best ROI for the media budget spent.